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Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin 9 years, 12 months ago

My first custom project for this site is the 40k RPG Master Bestiary, a 100% complete lookup table for every stat'd npc, vehicle, or starship across all of the game settings and all of the books.

5 settings, 63 books, and 1529 xenos, heretics, mutants, and assorted devilry later and the Bestiary can now be considered complete (until the next resource is published).

With instant searching, sorting, and filtering, you can find exactly where in the printed universe units appear.  Search by name, or by race or type, so if you are interested in finding Dark Eldars with Rogue Trader stats, you can.

You can also use this to guide your purchasing decisions.  The units are split across all of the books and the bestiaries only contain a fraction.  So whether you want to use necrons, dark eldar, tau, tyranids, chaos, or anything else, check here first to find out which books are your best bet.

If you have any comments or suggestions leave them in the comments below.



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