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Library Status

Settings: 7
Books: 91
Entities (bestiary): 1829
Armour: 211
Armour Upgrades: 28
Weapons: 1218
Weapon Upgrades: 237
Weapon & Armour Special Qualities: 183

Book Status

Check if a particular book has been added to the database. The goal is to have all information from all published books added, but sometimes it might take a while for a book to be added.

A sign means that all the entries of that type (bestiary, armoury, or rules) have been added to the Master Bestiary or Master Armoury sections.

A sign means that no information of that type has been added to the database. This may mean that no one has gotten around to it OR that the book simply doesn't have any information of that type. Some books do not have any new weapons for example.

Imperial Aquila