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Dark Heresy - Game Master's Kit


Pages 32
Publication Date March 30th, 2008

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7 Oct. 16, 2013


The Essential GM's Reference

This lavish Game Master's kit helps to keep all Inquisitorial secrets safe! Behind the sturdy screen the GM can hide dice rolls and keep players from reading his notes. Printed on the GM's side are numerous handy quick reference charts that make running the game that much easier. Added to this is a 32-page booklet with a full adventure, Xenos Generator, and new rules for poisons and toxins!

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Table of Contents

03 | Maggots in the Meat
04 | Adventure Background
06 | Adventure Overview
06 | Getting Started
07 | Emperor's Island
12 | Olrankan: The Floating City
20 | Appendix
20 | The Slaugth
22 | Xenos Generator
29 | Sample Creature
30 | Rules for Toxins and Poisons
31 | Infamous Poisons of the Calixis Sector


Written By Black Industries
Owen Barnes, Alan Bligh, John French & Mike MasonMany thanks Paul King & Dylan Owen

Cover Art
Clint Langley

Graphic Design &

Mark RaynorGMs Screen artKarl Kopinski, Stefan Kopinski & Clint Langley

Interior Art
John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Tom Carney, Paul Dainton, Wayne England, David Gallagher, Karl Kopinski, Stefan Kopinski, Clint Langley, Adrian Smith & John WigleyProject ManagerZoë Wedderburn

Games Workshop

Licensing Manager
Owen Rees

Licensing & Acquired Rights Manager
Erik Mogensen

Head Of Legal & Licensing
Andy Jones

Fantasy Flight Games

Managing Developer
Michael Hurley

Executive Developer
Jeff Tidball

Additional Graphic Design
Kevin Childress

Christian T. Petersen



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