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Dark Heresy - Shattered Hope

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Pages 34
Publication Date March 29th, 2008

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In February 2008, the Dark Heresy roleplaying game will be born in a hail of bolter fire and the cleansing pyres of the unclean. For the first time, the worlds of the tumultuous 41st Millennium will be made available for pen and paper roleplaying, where you can take up your force sword, strap on your bolter, and root out heretics, burn mutants with the liquid death of your flamer, and battle xenos as they seek to contaminate the worlds of mankind with their foul views and fouler natures. With so much in need of killing in this dark and grim future, there’s no reason to wait, and with this special preview, you have a taste of the darkness arrayed against you and a chance to do your part to keep the sprawling Imperium safe against its many and varied enemies. So take up your laspistol, make ready your chainsword, and say a quick prayer to the God-Emperor, for in the 41st Millennium, there is only war….

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Table of Contents

04 | Getting Started
06 | Adventure Background
07 | Adventure Synopsis
08 | Part 01: Gorgonid Mine
15 | Part 02: Into the Darkness
17 | Part 03: The Shatters
29 | Appendix: The Acolytes
32 | Skills & Talents Reference Sheet



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