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Only War - Salvaging Solace


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Publication Date May 20th, 2014

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When an unknown voidship strikes the world of Solace, the surface shakes and the brave men and women of the Cadian 99th must gird themselves for battle once again in this adventure for Only War. Having just suffered losses campaigning in the Spinward Front, the Cadian 99th is caught on the outskirts of the catastrophe in the midst of a training exercise. In addition to the devastation the crash wrought, the impact has sent waves of mutants surging up from the underhive, and so the troopers must step forth into the breach to restore order to Hive Solace.

Unfortunately, this is only the start of the Player Characters’ troubles. As they struggle to bring Hive Solace under control, still more crises loom over them, and the troopers must go above and beyond their normal duties to have a chance of survival. With the lives of everyone on the planet—including their own—resting on their actions, the PCs are the last line of defence against the coming catastrophe. If they do not rise to the occasion and triumph against the odds, there will be no saving Solace.

Originally written for use at Gen Con Indy 2013, Binding Contracts, Falling Star, Shedding Light, and Savaging Solace are adventures for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying. The four linked scenarios concern the fate of the Imperial world of Solace. While each adventure stands on its own as a complete module suitable for immediate play, a group that plays all four adventures will spot the connections between the events as they transpire around the hive world of Solace.

Binding Contracts, Falling Star, Shedding Light, and Salvaging Solace each include a full adventure, pre-generated characters, and the profiles for any NPCs unique to the adventure. Each is designed to be run with the system for which it was written and requires a copy of the appropriate Core Rulebook to play.

Using all four of these adventures, a GM can create a cohesive event that tells the story of the Fall of Solace from multiple different perspectives, revealing the many factors that contributed to the events slowly over the course of the four individual stories. Because these adventures were originally written for use at a convention, each one includes notes on the time that should be devoted to given sections. If the GM wishes to run one of these adventures in a typical four to six hour convention timeslot, these notes can be useful; if the GM is not under any time restrictions, however, he should feel free to pace the adventure as he sees fit based on the group and other circumstances.

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Table of Contents

03 | The Fall of Solace
04 | Adventure Summary
05 | Adventure Background
06 | Gazeteer Solace
09 | The Setup
10 | The Incident
12 | Security
13 | Assault!
15 | Wrap Up
16 | NPC Enemies
19 | Premade Characters


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