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Rogue Trader - Lure of the Expanse


Pages 145
Publication Date January 1st, 2010

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Lure of the Expanse features three adventures set amongst the unexplored stars beyond the Imperium. Wealth and glory await those with the courage to venture into the farthest reaches of space.

In Eye of the Needle, your Explorers will travel to the perilous port of Footfall to learn of a dark prophecy of long-lost riches. In The Heathen Trail, the Explorers find themselves on the path of uncountable riches... but they must cross the wild tracts of the Heathen Stars. Threats abound, but can the Explorers transform danger into rewards? Finally, in The World Beyond, the Explorers discover the location of the legendary treasure world. Now, can they prevail against a host of enemies?

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Table of Contents

Lure of the Expanse
004 | Game Master’s Briefing

Eye of the Needle
006 | Overview
008 | Gazetteer: Footfall
008 | The Lay of the Land
011 | Leaders, Rogues, Fools, and Prophets
013 | Arrival at Footfall
013 | Encounters and Locations
016 | Following Rumours
019 | The Auction
022 | The Foretelling of the Seven Witches
024 | Allies and Rivals
030 | Exit Footfall
030 | The Administratum Oeconomica Returns!
031 | Into the Warp
031 | Where Next?
033 | Voyage to the Dread Pearl
039 | Quppa-Psi-012
040 | Exploring Quppa-Psi-012
042 | Finding the Temple of Farseeing
045 | The Star Map
045 | Stop the Ritual
048 | Aftermath

The Heathen Trail
050 | The Star Map Nexus Points
051 | Heathen Stars Gazetteer
054 | Competition
057 | Zayth
061 | War Without End Adventure
066 | Vaporius
069 | A Priest-King’s Ransom Adventure
073 | The Light of Terra
078 | Ark of the Forsaken Adventure
083 | Dross
085 | Land of the Sky-Father Adventure
088 | Processional of the Damned
091 | The Processional Adventure
094 | Concluding the Heathen Trail

The World Beyond
096 | To Claim the Treasure
097 | The Dread Pearl
098 | Piercing the Storm
099 | Running the Straits of Damnation
100 | The Battle of the Dread Pearl
102 | The Dread Pearl Revealed
104 | Paradise for the Taking
104 | Location-Independent Encounters
106 | Location-Based Encounters
110 | Meeting the Natives
112 | War Comes to Paradise
114 | The Sentinels Return
118 | The Storm Returns
120 | The Aftermath
121 | Awards and Consequences
122 | Profit and Achiev ement
123 | Appendix: NPCs
123 | Rogue Traders
125 | Allies and Adversaries
130 | Creatures of Quppa-Psi-012
131 | The Eldar
134 | Starships
141 | Map I: The Temple of Farseeing
142 | Map II: Site of the Final Battle of the Dread Pearl
143 | Achievement Point Tracker


Lead Developer
Sam StewartAdditional

Development By
Ross Watson

Written And Developed By
Andy Hoare and Owen Barnes with additional work by Jay Little and Reason

Alex Davy with additional work by Thaadd Powell

Paul Tucker

Graphic Design
Bryan Schomburg and Kevin Childress

Cover Art
Tiernan Trevallion

Interior Art
A. Ashbaugh, John Blanche, Matt Bradbury, Kalen Chock, Ramon Contini, Victor Corbella, John Donahue, Alex Drummond, Simon Eckert, Mark Gibbons, Zachary Graves, David Griffith, Nikolaus Ingeneri, Sam Kennedy, Karl Kopinski, Ignacio Lazcano, Henning Ludvigsen, Aaron Panagos, Imaginary Friends Studios, Neil Roberts, Grzegorz Rutkowski, Erich Schreiner, Sept13, Mark Smith, David Sondered

Art Direction
Zoë Robinson

Production Manager
Gabe Laulunen

Managing Developer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

Licensing Manager
Owen Rees

Special Thanks To John French For Help With Names.

Licensing & Acquired Rights Manager
Erik Mogensen

Head Of Legal & Licensing
Andy Jones

Intellectual Property Manager
Alan Merrett

Special Thanks
“Dispensing Orbital Justice” Jordan Goldfarb with David Rosenberg, Emily Aiken, Rachel Fisher, Kristine Beskin, and Caitlyn “Cashew” Klein. “You Bid Babies?!” Jordan “Milly” Millward with Keri Harthoorn, Kyle Harthoorn-Burton, Kieren Smith, and Julia Smith. “Forged in Death” Aric Weider with Dawn Wildfong, Chris Doyscher, Janna Imergoot, Jeremy D. Bullock, Amber J. Colby, and Kathryn Shannon. “The Crew of Our Father’s Mercy” William Thrasher with Sarah Allen and Chelsea L. Oliver.

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