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Black Crusade - Broken Chains

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Publication Date March 29th, 2013

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6 Oct. 16, 2013


Broken Chains is an introductory adventure for the Black Crusade roleplaying game. For centuries, the starship Chains of Judgement served the Inquisition of the Imperium, transporting the most dangerous renegades to their doom. Now, however, the Chains of Judgement is lost in the warp. The imprisoned renegades have one chance to escape their fate and take the first steps towards leading a Black Crusade. Broken Chains is an introduction to black adventures and eternal damnation in the grim darkness of the far future. Welcome to Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay.

A set of basic rules are included to help players and Game Masters become familiar with the Black Crusade roleplaying game.

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Table of Contents

03 | It is the 41st Millenium
03 | What is Black Crusade
04 | Pregenerated Characters
08 | Rules Summary
15 | Broken Chains
15 | Adventure Overview
21 | Part 01: Belly of the Beast
25 | Part 02: Labyrinth of Chains
28 | Part 03: A Path to Glory
29 | Allies and Antagonists


Lead Developer
Sam Stewart

Writing And Development
Owen Barnes

Editing And Proofreading
Graham Davy and David Johnson

Graphic Design
Adam Taubenheim with Brian Schomburg

Cover Art
Matt Bradbury

Interior Art
Matt Bradbury, Dave Gallagher, Zach Graves, Sept13, Florian Stitz, Kev Walker

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Kyle Hough

Production Management
Eric Knight

Licensing And Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

Licensing Manager
Owen Rees

Head Of Licensing
Andy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Special Thanks To The Playtesters
“Get Off the Love Boat” Thaadd Powell with Justin Baller, Tim Flanders, Mack Martin, Ross Watson, Deb Beck, and Sam Stewart. “You Bid Babies?!” Jordan “Milly” Millward with Keri Harthoorn, Kyle-Harthoorn-Burton, Kieren Smith, and Julia Smith. Rex Vogen.



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