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Black Crusade - The Tome of Blood


Pages 146
Publication Date March 29th, 2013

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Bestiary Armoury Rules Updated
51 Oct. 16, 2013


The Tome of Blood, a supplement for Black Crusade, is the second of four books delving into the darkest secrets of the Ruinous Powers. It is devoted to Khorne, the Lord of Skulls, perhaps mightiest of the Chaos Gods, and his powerful minions who carry his blood-drenched banner across the worlds of the Screaming Vortex. Within its pages, Heretics gain terrible new armaments and weapons to wage war, new devices to carry their wrath across the battlefield, and more to aid them in their struggles against the hated Imperium.

The Tome of Blood introduces four new Heretic Archetypes, along with deadly armaments, mighty Daemon Engines, bloodthirsty Daemon Weapons, and much more for the frenzied disciples of the Lord of Carnage. Players of all alignments will develop powerful, unique Legacy Weapons and fight in huge Mass Combats against the lackeys of the Imperium. More blood-soaked areas of the Screaming Vortex are revealed, such as the gladiator pits of Kurse, Furia’s savage oceans, the xenos-infested worlds of Berin and Asphodel, and the infamous War Moons of Talax. Heretics will also go on an adventure into the deadly wastelands of Messia to wrest a legendary Daemon Weapon from a vast mutant horde!

This is not a complete product. A copy of Black Crusade is required to play.

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Table of Contents

004 | What’s in this Book?

Chapter I: Khorne
006 | Blood and Skulls
007 | Wars Without End
008 | The Realm of Brass and Blood
009 | Khorne’s Rage
012 | Servants of Slaughter
018 | Of Rage and War
021 | Khorne and the Long War

Chapter II: The Blood-Soaked Warriors
025 | Slaughter and Heresy
028 | Khorne Berzerker
030 | Night Lords Chaos Space Marine
032 | Xurunt Frost Father
034 | Chem-Hunter of Messia
036 | Blades of Blood
036 | Ranged Weapons
037 | Melee Weapons
040 | Daemon Weapons
044 | Wargear and Equipment
046 | Khornate Minions
047 | Mounted Riders
050 | Legacy Weapons
061 | Expanded Rites and Rituals

Chapter III: Masters of Destruction
066 | Advanced Horde Rules
071 | Mass Combats and Battles
075 | Worlds of the Blood God
076 | Berin and Asphodel
085 | Crucible
090 | Furia
094 | Kurse
101 | Messia
105 | Xurunt
110 | The War Moons of Talax

Chapter IV: Red Dawn Rising
120 | The GM’s Brief
120 | The Story Thus Far
120 | Adventure Plot
124 | Chapter I: The Long, Dark Night
124 | Into the Wastes
127 | The Mutant Horde
128 | Jorgstern Clan
130 | Ore Corps 358
131 | The Scornful Host
133 | Chapter II: Dead by Dawn
133 | Locating the Axe of Kha-Aksha
135 | Realisation
136 | Chapter III: Dawn Cometh
139 | The End
140 | Consequences
140 | NPC Appendix


Lead Developer
Tim Huckelbery

Writing And Development
Kendall Butner, Tim Cox, John Dunn, Matthew Eustace, Craig Gallant, Lee Gunby, Anthony Hicks, Andy Hoare, and Joe Sleboda

Editing And Proofreading
Andrew Kenrick and David Johnson

Graphic Design
Shaun Boyke

Cover Art
Mathias Kollros

Interior Art
Justin Adams, Jacob Atienza, Dimitri Bielak, John Blanche, Alex Boca, Alex Boyd, Matt Bradbury, Filip Burburan, Kevin Chin, Alexandre Dainche, Paul Dainton, Vincent Devault, Wayne England, David Griffith, Nuala Kinrade, Clint Langley, Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, Diego Gisbert Llorens, Mark Molnar, Marco Morte, Scott Purdy, Pascal Quidault, Jose Quintela, Neil Roberts, Oleg Shekhovtsov, Adrian Smith, Nikolay Stoyanov, Chase Toole, and Ben Zweifel

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Andy Christensen

Production Management
Eric KnightLicensing &

Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Ronald DeValk; “No Guts No Glory!” Adam Lloyd with Sean Connor, Stephen Pitson, Ben Newman, Simon Butler, Matthew Westcar; “The Librarians” Pim Mauve with Gerlof Woudstra, Keesjan Kleef, Jan-Cees Voogd, Joris Voogd; “Unrepentant:” Lachlan “Raith” Conley with Brad Twaddell, Mark McLaughlin, Jordan Dixon and Fiona Coath; “158th Cincinnatus Regiment” Trevor Stamper with Brian Gilkison, John Olszewski, Michael Hebert, Beth Oliver, and Lynn Register.Ga mes Works hop

Licensing Managers
John French, Andy Hall, and Owen Rees

Head Of Licensing
Jon Gillard

Head Of Licensing, Legal And Strategic Projects
Andy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett



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