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Deathwatch - The Emperor Protects


Pages 145
Publication Date January 1st, 2010

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On the savage Feral World of Aurum, a proud colony of warriors resists the pull of the Imperium, and their assistance is vital in the face of new foes. Meanwhile, a city beneath the sea might hold the answers needed to uncover the mystery behind a missing Inquisitor. The Deathwatch is needed.

The Emperor Protects contains three separate adventures for the Deathwatch roleplaying game set among the war-torn front lines of an Imperial crusade. Can your imposing Space Marines convince the warrior colony of the Feral World Aurum to join the Imperium? Or will they meet their demise upon the surface of a corrupted Forge World?

Featuring three new adventures, The Emperor Protects is a great way to begin your campaigns in the Deathwatch.

The Price of Hubris—The Kill-team travels to the Feral World of Aurum to win over a fierce and proud warrior culture to join the Imperium. However, alien forces stand between the Space Marines and any hope of victory.

A Stony Sleep—On the hunt for a missing Inquisitor, the Kill-team faces dark enemies and a mysterious city beneath the sea. Can the Kill-team solve the riddle in time to save the heart of the Crusade itself?

The Vigilant Sword—The Deathwatch has discovered a sinister conspiracy with dire consequences for the Jericho Reach. Now, they must prevail upon a corrupted Forge World!

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Table of Contents

004 | The Emperor Protects
004 | Game Master’s Briefing
004 | Background
005 | Running The Emperor Protects
009 | The Price of Hubris
009 | Overview
010 | Choice, Consequence, and Hubris
011 | Nowhere Else to Turn
012 | The Horizon’s Pride
015 | The Golden Planet
016 | The City of Haistand
021 | Meeting the Caele
022 | The Black Depths
025 | Go Set a Watchman
027 | The Divested Hunt
027 | The Reaving Canyons
029 | Proven Warriors
030 | The Tainted City
030 | Grensvayl
031 | Map of Grensvayl and Environ s
032 | And Into the Fire
036 | Apostate Caverns
039 | The Heroes’ Return
039 | A Day for Celebration
042 | Celebration Turned to Slaughter
044 | What Remains?
044 | A Solemn Return
046 | Appendix: NPCs
052 | A Stony Sleep
052 | Overview
053 | Unstable Foundations
053 | Mission Modifications
054 | A Missing Inquisitor
054 | Arming and Oath-Taking
055 | The Inquisitor’s Ship
056 | The Fortress World
062 | Upon This Rock
062 | The City of Kar’thir
068 | Optional Encounter: The Cold Trade
069 | A Trail to the South
069 | The Kar’dane Islands
077 | Optional Encounter: Vipers in Our Midst
079 | The City Beneath the Sea
080 | The Alien Tomb City
085 | The Crashing Tide
086 | Artefact Manifest
088 | Appendix: NPCs
096 | The Vigilant Sword
096 | Overview
096 | Running The Vigilant Sword
097 | The Pieces Fall Into Place
102 | Arming and Oath-Taking
103 | A Turbulent Voyage
104 | The Iron Pit
105 | Into The Heart of Darkness
106 | Irradial Forge Slums
111 | The Shipyards
114 | The Soul Alembic
116 | The Irradial Forge
116 | The Manufactorum
120 | The Outer Forge Wall
121 | Beyond the Wall
124 | Optional Encounter: Servitor Nursery
124 | Optional Encounter: Orbital Battery Controls
125 | The Forge’s Iron Heart
131 | Escaping the Corrupted Forge
131 | No Rest for the Weary
132 | Aftershocks on Erioch
132 | The Unending Watch
133 | Appendix: NPCs

Appendix I: Encounter Circumstances Quick Reference
141 | Tables
143 | Appendix II: Tomb Map


Lead Developer
Ross Watson

Written And Developed By
Andrea Gausman

Ben Lurie

Graham Davey

Graphic Design
Kevin Childress

Additional Graphic Design
Mark Raynor

Cover Art
Michael Phillippi

Interior Art
Alberto Bontempi, Andrew Bosley, Matt Bradbury, Victor Corbella, Wayne England, Tom Garden, James Hall, Nikolaus Ingeneri, Igor Kieryluk, Karl Kopinski, Stefan Kopinski, David Nash, Rick Sardinha, Oliver Specht, Mark Smith, David Sondered, Theo Stylianides, Chase Toole, Allison Theus and Ben Zweifel

Art Direction
Zoë Robinson

Production Manager
Gabe Laulunen

Ffg Lead Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Ffg Lead Game Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

Licensing Manager
Owen Rees

Head Of Licensing
Paul Lyons

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Special Thanks To Our Playtesters
“No Guts, No Glory” Sean Connor with Mathieu Booth, Nick Hodge, Stephen Pitson, Michael Thompson, “Curious Pastimes” Paul Tucker with Colin Brook, Edd Duggan, Liam Eyers, Alexander Lampson and James Littlewood, “Veterans of a Psychic War” Benn Williams, with Chris Lancaster, John Ross, Aric Wieder, Rebecca Williams, and Eric Young



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