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Only War - Eleventh Hour

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Publication Date March 29th, 2013

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Bestiary Armoury Rules Updated
5 Oct. 16, 2013


In the grim darkness of the far future, the Imperium of Man is beset from all sides by traitors, aliens, and daemons. You are a soldier in the Imperial Guard, the first line of defence against these forces that would threaten humanity. Take up your lasgun, and prepare to face the horrors of the galaxy in the name of the the God-Emperor. Welcome to Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay. Eleventh Hour is an introductory adventure for the Only War roleplaying game. Fight for your very survival in a desperate race against time across an Ork-infested death world.

A set of basic rules are included to help players and Game Masters become familiar with the Only War roleplaying game.

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Table of Contents

03 | It is the 41st Millenium
03 | What is Only War?
04 | Pregenerated Characters
08 | Only War Rules Summary
16 | Eleventh Hour
16 | Aeyras
20 | Part 01: Dead Run
24 | Part 02: Blood in the Water
28 | Part 03: Fire in the Sky
30 | Appendix: Allies and Antagonists


Lead Developer
Andrew Fischer

Writing And Development
Owen Barnes

Graham Davey

Mark Pollard

Graphic Design
Edge Studios

Cover Art
Matt Bradbury

Interior Art
Matt Bradbury, Mauro Dal Bo, Jorge Maese, Ameen Naksewee, Javier G. Ureña

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Andy Christensen

Production Management
Eric Knight

Licensing And Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

Licensing Manager
John French

Head Of Licensing
Jon Gillard

Head Of Licensing, Legal And
Strategic ProjectsAndy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Ron DeValk, “The Bolter and Chainsword Playtest Group” Ryan Powell with Matt Bogart, Jon Cox, Max Hardenbrook, Matt Hunt, Steve Koelzer, Anders Lang, and Richard Sanders, “No Guts, No Glory” Sean Connor with Adam Lloyd, Aaron McManus-Wood, Stephen Pitson, Mark Smith, and Simon Tierney, “The Librarians” Pim Mauve with Keesjan Kleef, Jan-Cees Voogd, Joris Voogd, and Gerlof Woudstra, “Veterans of a Psychic War” Benn Williams with Chris Lancaster, Scott Philips, John Ross, Rebecca Williams, and Eric Young, “You Bid Babies?!?” Jordan Millward with Keri Harthoorn, Kyle Harthoorn-Burton, Kieren Smith, and Julia Smith, “Unrepentant” Lachlan “Raith” Conley with Jordan Dixon, Mark McLaughlin, and Brad Twaddell.



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Eleventh Hour (Revised) Adventure pdf www.fantasyflightgames.com
Eleventh Hour Bonus Characters Characters pdf www.fantasyflightgames.com


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