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Black Crusade - The Tome of Excess


Pages 146
Publication Date September 5th, 2013

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Bestiary Armoury Rules Updated
50 Oct. 16, 2013


"You believe there are limits to existence. My god shows me otherwise, and in his service I have known realms where indescribable pleasure and pain become as one. Come, let me show you..." –Lascivoux the Devourer, Sensati Extremis of the Barbed League

The Tome of Excess is a sinfully indulgent supplement for Black Crusade. This powerful tribute to Slaanesh introduces four new Heretic Archetypes, along with cruel weapons, rules for empowering minions, new Daemon Engines, and more to amplify the rapacious hordes of the Dark Prince.

Rules for expanded interactions and social combat allow players of all alignments to seduce their foes into becoming devoted lackeys. Players also gain new ways to use their growing Infamy, plus new dark rituals to curse and entrap enemies. Discover secrets of the Screaming Vortex, such as the Demons of Contrition, the xenos guardians of the Forbidden Portal, Malignia’s deadly jungles, and more. And in the included adventure, Heretics must best a Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix in their bid to launch their own Black Crusade!

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Table of Contents

004 | What’s in this Book?

Chapter I: Slaanesh
006 | The Birth of Sublime Torment
007 | Sensation Without Limitations
008 | The Path of Temptation
012 | Servants of Sensation
013 | Daemons
016 | Mortals
019 | Myriad Excesses
022 | Slaanesh and the Long War

Chapter II: Slaves to Sensation
025 | For the Glory of Chaos
028 | Noise Marine
030 | Dark Apostle
032 | Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix
034 | Flesh Shaper of Melancholia
036 | Excessive Armoury
036 | Ranged Weapons
037 | Melee Weapons
039 | Wargear and Equipment
041 | Drugs and Consumables
042 | Minions of Slaanesh: The Saboteurs of Alcia
044 | Living Mounts
047 | Expanded Minions
053 | Expanded Rites and Rituals

Chapter III: Princes of Pain
060 | Social Encounters
062 | Social Conflict Rules
063 | Talents and Traits
068 | Expanding the Scope
070 | Expanded Infamy Rules
070 | Glorifying Acts
073 | The Art of Seduction
075 | Infamous Acquisitions
077 | Realms Beyond Sensation
078 | Contrition
084 | Ghibelline
090 | Malignia
097 | Mammon
101 | Melancholia
105 | The Gates of Moment
110 | The Forbidden Portal
115 | The Islands of the Ragged Helix

Chapter IV: At the Edge
122 | The GM’s Brief
122 | Adventure Plot
125 | Part I: Kneel Before Pseudanor
126 | The Fief of the Liberator
127 | The Liberator’s Court
129 | Locations
132 | Part II: The Six Delights of Slaanesh
132 | Mastering the Six Delights of Slaanesh
138 | Part III: Confrontation!
141 | NPC Appendix
143 | Map


Lead Developer
Tim Huckelbery

Writing And Development
Kendall Butner, Tim Cox, Matthew Eustace, Craig Gallant, Lee Gunby, Andy Hall, Anthony Hicks, Andy Hoare, and Joe Sleboda

Editing And Proofreading
Andrew Kenrick and David JohnsonManaging RPG ProducerChris Gerber

Graphic Design
WiL Springer

Cover Art
Mathias Kollros

Interior Art
Jacob Atienza, John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Matt Bradbury, Kevin Chin, Paul Dainton, Vincent Devault, Wayne England, Diego Gisbert Llorens, Dave Gallagher, Zachary Graves, David Griffith, Taylor Ingvarsson, Michal Ivan, Nuala Kinrade, Sam Lamont, Clint Langley, Mark Molnar, Marco Morte, Neil Roberts, Adrian Smith, Stephen Somer, and Ben Zweifel.

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Andy Christensen

Production Management
Eric KnightLicensing &

Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Ronald DeValk; "The Librarians" Pim Mauve with Gerlof Woudstra, Keesjan Kleef, Jan-Cees Voogd and Joris Voogd; "Unrepentant" Lachlan "Raith" Conley with Jordan Dixon, Nicole Gillies and Aaron Wong; "Cincinnatus 158th Regiment" Trevor Stamper with Brian Gilkison, John Olszewski, Michael Hebert, Beth Oliver, Lynn Register, and Laura Register; "No Guts No Glory!" Adam Lloyd with Ben Newman, Simon Butler, and Sean Connor; "Veterans of a Psychic War" Benn Williams with Chris Lancaster, Aric Wieder, Jessica Williams, Rebecca Williams, and Eric Young.

Games Workshop

Licensing Managers
John French, Andy Hall, and Owen Rees

Head Of Licensing
Jon Gillard

Head Of Licensing, Legal And Strategic Projects
Andy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett



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