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Books by Andy Hoare


Deathwatch - Ark of Lost Souls
Rogue Trader - Lure of the Expanse


Rogue Trader - Edge of the Abyss
Deathwatch - The Achilus Assault
Deathwatch - The Outer Reach


Deathwatch - Mark of the Xenos


Black Crusade - Black Crusade Core Rulebook
Deathwatch - Deathwatch Core Rulebook
Only War - Only War Core Rulebook
Rogue Trader - Rogue Trader Core Rulebook

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Dark Heresy - Heed the Higher Call
Deathwatch - The Nemesis Incident


Dark Heresy - Ascension
Dark Heresy - Blood of Martyrs
Dark Heresy - Daemon Hunter
Rogue Trader - Faith and Coin
Deathwatch - First Founding
Only War - Hammer of the Emperor
Deathwatch - Honour the Chapter
Rogue Trader - Into the Storm
Dark Heresy - Radical's Handbook
Deathwatch - Rites of Battle
Deathwatch - The Emperor's Chosen
Dark Heresy - The Lathe Worlds
Rogue Trader - The Navis Primer
Black Crusade - The Tome of Blood
Black Crusade - The Tome of Decay
Black Crusade - The Tome of Excess
Black Crusade - The Tome of Fate
Rogue Trader - Traitor's Nexus

Imperial Aquila