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Rogue Trader - Faith and Coin


Pages 148
Publication Date October 17th, 2013

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It is a Rogue Trader's duty to assist missionaries in spreading the Imperial Creed across the stars. In Faith and Coin, a Rogue Trader supplement for players and GMs, the complex relationships between missionaries and Rogue Traders come to life, with new Endeavors to complete and new worlds to convert. Find sacred relics, smite vile heretics, or embark on new Alternate Career Paths with the grace of the God-Emperor guiding you every step of the way.

Faith and Coin features:

New Endeavours for crews to take on as they work to spread the Imperial Creed as well as boost profit for their dynasty Alternate Career Ranks for Explorers to gain powerful new knowledge and abilities, as well as weapons, equipment, relics, and more The Sacred Heart, an exciting new adventure which allows Explorers to seek the legendary tomb of Saint Cognatius

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Table of Contents

004 | What’s in this Book?

Chapter I: Light on the Fringe
007 | The Legend of St. Cognatius
008 | Genevieve Almace
009 | The Calling
010 | The Mission
015 | Final Rest
016 | Nicomedes Keefe
017 | The Calling
019 | The Mission
023 | Final Rest
024 | Nadine Aleynikov
024 | The Calling
025 | The Mission
030 | Final Rest
031 | Jollus Marquette
032 | The Calling
033 | The Mission
037 | Final Rest

Chapter II: Labours of Faith
040 | Reclaim a Lost Population
040 | Mission to a Benighted World
044 | Recover a Sacred Artefact
044 | Retrieve a Blessed Relic
048 | Destroy a Xenos Threat
048 | Purge the Xenos
054 | Establish a Pilgrimage Route
054 | Create a Route for Worshippers
058 | Root Out Heresy
058 | Destroy the Apostate!
062 | New Worlds
062 | Ikeran
063 | Pratus

Chapter III: Instruments of the Creed
066 | Alternate Career Ranks
068 | Beastmaster
070 | Witch Finder
072 | Reliquarist
074 | Adherent of Aleynikov
076 | Red Consecrator
078 | Order of the Hammer Initiate
080 | Weapons of the Righteous
080 | Ranged Weapons
087 | Melee Weapons
093 | Armour
094 | Gear
102 | Holy Relics of the Koronus Expanse
102 | The Relics of Genevieve Almace
104 | The Relics of Nicomedes Keefe
105 | The Relics of Nadine Aleynikov
107 | The Relics of Jollus Marquette

Chapter IV: The Sacred Heart
110 | The Setting
111 | GM’s Brief
112 | Synopsis
113 | Part I: The Trail of Saint Cognatius
116 | A Short Pilgrimage
118 | Endeavours
119 | Anchors Aweigh
119 | Outward Bound
119 | Part I Achievement Points
120 | Part II: Into the Sacred Heart
123 | General Locations
126 | Unique Locations
131 | Inhabitants
132 | Hazards
134 | Exploring the Tomb
136 | Deciphering the Legacy of Cognatius
136 | Part II Achievement Points
137 | Part III: Holy of Holies
137 | Enter the Sanctum
137 | Locations of the Inner Sanctum
138 | The Guardian Awakens
139 | Conclusion
139 | Part III Achievement Points
139 | Achievement Points
140 | Rewards
140 | Further Endeavours
141 | Antagonists and NPCs


Lead Developer
Max Brooke

Writing And Development
John Dunn, Andy Hoare, Kory Hook, Gregory Koteles, Robert Grayston, Jason Marker, Katrina Ostrander, and Julija Petkus

Editing And Proofreading
Andrew Kenrick, Brian Casey, and Mark LathamManaging RPG ProducerChris Gerber

Graphic Design
Dallas Mehlhoff

Graphic Design Manager
Brian Schomburg

Cover Art
Mauro Dal Bo

Interior Art
John Blanche, Sam Burley, Matt Bradbury, Jon Cave, Kevin Chin, Paul Dainton, Mauro Dal Bo, Vincent Devault, Dave Gallagher, Zach Graves, Nicholas Gregory, David Griffi th, Ilich Henriquez, Jason Juta, Igor Kieryluk, Nuala Kinrade, Karl Kopinski, Clint Langley, Ameen Naksewee, Niten, Silver Saaremäel, Tiernan Trevaillon, John Wigley, Wibben, and Ben Zweifel

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Andy Christensen

Production Management
Eric KnightLicensing &

Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Ronald DeValk. "Unrepentant" Lachlan "Raith" Conley with Jordan Dixon, Rhys Fischer, Nicole Gillies, and Aaron Wong. "Rooster Booster" Ryan Powell with Jessical Powell, Matt Bogart, and Rich Sanders.

Games Workshop

Licensing Managers
John French and Graham Nicoll

Head Of Licensing
Jon Gillard

Head Of Licensing, Legal And Strategic Projects
Andy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

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