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Rogue Trader - The Navis Primer


Pages 146
Publication Date January 1st, 2012

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24 Oct. 16, 2013


The warp is a domain of nightmares, filled with insanity made manifest and ethereal predators hungry for souls. Yet it is this shadowy realm that a Rogue Trader must tread to seek fame and fortune amongst the stars.

The Navis Primer is a powerful supplement for Rogue Trader! This powerful volume reveals the secret history of the Koronus Expanse’s Navigator Houses, while unveiling the Astropath Voidfrost and Soul Ward Disciplines. Players can unleash the unpredictable might of the Waaagh! with the Ork Weirdboy Career Path, and uncover new warp-touched powers, alternate career ranks, and elite advances for Explorers of all kinds. What’s more, The Navis Primer provides expanded rules for navigation and astrotelepathic communication, and presents terrifying new hazards and foes from the depths of the Expanse!

This is not a complete game. A copy of the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook is required to use this supplement.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: Scions of the Immaterium
007 | The Void Beyond
011 | Navigator Houses of the Expanse
022 | Choirs of the Astropaths

Chapter II: Plying the Warp
026 | Into the Æther
028 | Stage 001: Divining the Auguries
029 | Stage 002: Translation
030 | Stage 003: Locating the Astronomican
030 | Stage 004: Steering the Vessel
034 | Stage 005: Leaving the Warp
036 | Map of the Koronus Expanse
038 | Warp Routes Through the Koronus Expanse
041 | Navigator Duels
042 | A Beacon in the Void

CHAPTER III: Path of the Mind
048 | Ork Weirdboyz
052 | Traits and Abilities
054 | Skills and Talents
057 | All Da Rest
058 | Perils of Da Waaagh!
064 | Alternate Career Ranks
065 | Acolyte of Abraxas
068 | Awakened Psyker
070 | Bonetrader
072 | Colchite Servo-Master
074 | Defender of the Fourth Cipher
076 | Elutrian Devotee
078 | Psylakis Warder
080 | Witness of Dusk
082 | Elite Advances

* Chapter IV: Mental Arsenal*
088 | New Navigator Powers
091 | New Navigator Shipboard Actions
092 | Astropath Voidfrost Discipline
096 | Astropath Soul Ward Discipline
099 | New Astropath Shipboard Actions
100 | Renegade Psyker Techniques
104 | Ork Psychic Techniques
108 | Psychic Familiars

Chapter V: Psychic Adversaries
114 | Witch Hunters
116 | Culexus Assassin
118 | Rogue Psykers
120 | Eldar Warlock
123 | Eldar Psychic Wargear
125 | Eldar Farseer
128 | Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer
130 | Ork Weirdboy
131 | Ork Warphead
132 | Gur’Kall the Wanderer
133 | Rak’Gol Techno-Shaman
136 | Servants of the Ruinous Powers
143 | Ork Weirboy Character Sheet


Lead Developer
Max Brooke

Writing And Development
Nathan Dowdell, John Dunn, Robert Grayston, Andy Hoare, Gregory Koteles, Jason Marker, Dylan Owen, C.Y. Reid, Joe Sleboda, Ross Watson

Editing And Proofreading
Graham Davey and David Johnson

Graphic Design
WiL Springer

Cover Art
Wayne Reynolds

Interior Art
John Blanche, Alberto Bontempi, Matt Bradbury, Bryce Cook, Alexandre Dainche, Mauro Dal Bo, Vincent Devault, Piotr Foksowicz, Mariusz Gandzel, Zach Graves, Jeff Lee Johnson, Toni Justamante Jacobs, Jason Juta, Clint Langley, Michał Miłkowski, Mark Molnar, Marco Morte, Ameen Naksewee, Asahi, Wayne Reynolds, Chase Toole

Managing Art Director
Andrew Navaro

Art Direction
Mike Linnemann

Production Management
Eric KnightLicensing &

Development Coordinator
Deb Beck

Executive Game Designer
Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer
Michael Hurley

Christian T. Petersen

Games Workshop

Licensing Managers
John French, Andy Hall, and Owen Rees

Head Of Licensing
Jon Gillard

Head Of Licensing, Legal And Strategic Projects
Andy Jones

Head Of Intellectual Property
Alan Merrett

Special Thanks
Playtest Coordinator Ronald DeValk. “The Librarians” Pim Mauve with Gerlof Woudstra, Keesjan Kleef, Jan-Cees Voogd, and Joris Voogd; “Unrepentant” Lachlan ‘Raith’ Conley with Brad Twaddell, Mark McLaughlin, Fiona Coath, and Jordan Dixon; “Furnace of Destiny” Ryan Powell with Max Hardenbrook; “The Good Guys” Blake ‘HTMC’ Bennett with Aaron ‘25hour’ Kaufman, Jesse ‘da Robo-Squig’ Huston, Kory Hook, and Matt Armstrong.



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