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This site aims to be the #1 resource for playing the 40k series of RPG's published byFantasy Flight Games.  Here are the main features:

Master Bestiary & Master Armoury

Aims to be a 100% complete & Accurate Database of all creatures, weapons, armour, and more.  To date they are probably 95%+ complete for ALL published books in the 40k RPG line, see the library status page for more information.

The Library

Every gamebook in the 40k RPG universe is listed in the library, with a complete table of contents, full size front and back cover images, listings of the creatures it contains, and more.  Find your next purchase easily!

Streamlined Fantasy Flight 40k RPG News

The news on the Fantasy Flight site is split between each of the different 40k RPG settings.  The one on this site automatically integrates the Fantasy Flight news listings and is more focused on helping you see when new products are released.


The best tools, tips, and tricks from around the web.  Invaluable for first time 40k RPG GM's, or even seasoned GM's looking to learn a new trick.  

Recent Site Updates

Dark Heresy Second Edition

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 7 months ago

Dark Heresy Second Edition is out!  Bought my copy last week and have been going through it, a really great book that consolidates and updates or improves a lot of material.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in Dark Heresy or 40k RPG in general.

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Six new books added

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 8 months ago

Black Crusade - The Tome of Decay has been added to the library, along with the four intertwined adventures Binding ContractsFalling StarShedding Light, and Salvaging Solace, and the Rogue Trader - Tau Character Guide.

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Master Library Search: Find Anything in Any Book!

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin 10 years, 1 month ago

I've added an experimental new feature to the site, Master Library Search.  You can find it under Library on the left.  It's a tool that lets you run a search across all 40K RPG books in the library.  It is very fast however it will only return a brief snippet showing the search term in place, along with the page number and source book in which it was found.  Think of it as a research tool for figuring out where you can find more information about a given topic, for example a particular Inquisitor, planet, or Space Marine.   Let me know if you find it useful!

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Only War - No Surrender & Rogue Trader - Faith and Coin Added

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin 10 years, 1 month ago

Both books are now fully in the database, and all entities have been added.   Check em out in the bestiary or on their library pages:  Only War No Surrender  and Rogue Trader Faith and Coin.

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The Lighter Side of 40KRPGTools

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin 10 years, 1 month ago

For those of you getting eyestrain reading the white on black text, I've added a new feature letting you switch the entire site into a dark text on white color scheme.   To activate, look for the Color Scheme button at the bottom of the page.  It should stay switched until you click it again or clear your cookies.

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