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This site aims to be the #1 resource for playing the 40k series of RPG's published byFantasy Flight Games.  Here are the main features:

Master Bestiary & Master Armoury

Aims to be a 100% complete & Accurate Database of all creatures, weapons, armour, and more.  To date they are probably 95%+ complete for ALL published books in the 40k RPG line, see the library status page for more information.

The Library

Every gamebook in the 40k RPG universe is listed in the library, with a complete table of contents, full size front and back cover images, listings of the creatures it contains, and more.  Find your next purchase easily!

Streamlined Fantasy Flight 40k RPG News

The news on the Fantasy Flight site is split between each of the different 40k RPG settings.  The one on this site automatically integrates the Fantasy Flight news listings and is more focused on helping you see when new products are released.


The best tools, tips, and tricks from around the web.  Invaluable for first time 40k RPG GM's, or even seasoned GM's looking to learn a new trick.  

Recent Site Updates

Navis Primer added to Bestiary

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 1 month ago

Finally picked this one up and have added all of its information to the database.  Still need to go through and add armoury items, but the bestiary, TOC, etc have been added.  Great supplement, lots of very cool stuff!

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Master Armoury Cleanup

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 1 month ago

I am working to make sure 40krpgtools is an accuracate record of each item recorded in its Master series of databases, and to that end I have started to individually review all of the items imported as part of the Armoury.  With the very generous help of Vectory, we are now ensuring that every bit of dakka is correct.  

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Master Armoury Launched

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 1 month ago

I've started adding in a Master Armoury including all weapons, armour, weapon upgrades, and armour upgrades across the books.  Only Weapons are in so far, but the rest is coming soon.   Currently it has 1100+ weapons in it!  I'd like to thank Wolph42 and BTS1967's library tables for their amazing Framework for Maptool, check it out!

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Library Launched

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 1 month ago

I've just finished adding a resource to the site that lets you browse all published free and commercial materials for the 40k RPG universe.   Each book is categorized and features high res front and back covers, the full table of contents (had to make a few of them myself), and the list of entities in the book from the Master Bestiary.  Where applicable each book also lists its related resources.  These might be official free supplements, maps, player handouts, or other items from the FFG support forums, or from around the web.

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Master Bestiary Launched

Posted by: 40krpgtools_admin in Site News 9 years, 2 months ago

My first custom project for this site is the 40k RPG Master Bestiary, a 100% complete lookup table for every stat'd npc, vehicle, or starship across all of the game settings and all of the books.

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